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What Is Excelign

Excelign provides new and improved quality aligners through its unique proprietary process offering a hygienic, safe, convenient and a clear solution for the correction of malocclusion without having to wear brackets and wires.

This solution uses the latest international technology and state of the art 3D printing technology to produce high quality aligners which offers a perfect fit comfortably at a fraction of the cost.

It is designed to treat teenagers right up to those in their sixties. Designed to be flexible to suit each individual needs and requirements.

FDA Approved

Excelign has successfully completed a number of clinical trial cases before introducing it for clinical use and these have proven to be highly successful in the correction of a variety of malocclusions including mild & moderate cases.

Excelign was incorporated in London, United Kingdom in 2017. The Excelign team in London, United Kingdom and worldwide brings with them a total of 28 years of experiences in the aligner industry.

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Our Aligner

Excelign Aligners are USFDA APPROVED, removable medical grade plastic appliances which patient wears instead of brackets and wires to correct malocclusion. Dental aligners are a modern alternative to braces, for teeth that are in need of straightening.

A clear change to the concept of Cosmetic and Adult Orthodontic treatment without using conventional methods of wires and brackets. Adults wouldn’t have asked for a better choice to correct their malocclusion without social inhibitions.

Excelign dental Aligners also offer predictable results visualization even before the treatment. Excelign Aligners are clear removable cosmetic appliance designed for minor teeth movement of patients.

Benefits of Using Excelign Solutions