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Excelign Aligners are custom made to fit comfortably over your teeth and it is almost invisible. Each aligner shifts your teeth slightly, moving them when needed.

The solution is based on a customized plan, which involves custom fitted aligners and the whole process will be managed by your dentist. Your dentist will need to monitor and advise accordingly when the aligners need to changed.

Your journey to a confident and beautiful smile starts with Excelign Aligners by following the steps below :

Talk to one of our experts, who understands your situation

A consultation with your dentist where pictures, X rays, and your dental impressions will be taken (procedure to do molds of your teeth).

The Masterplan

Your dentist will create a personalized treatment plan, including showing you how your teeth will adjust and align over time and how long your treatment will be.

Design Phase

Based on the treatment plan, our team will design a set of custom made BPA-free, clear aligners for you.


Once ready, you will head on over to your dentist to collect your aligners who will also be providing you with instructions and additional information on the treatment process.

Following through

Your dentist will also schedule regular check-ups to make sure the treatment is going as planned.

How Long is the treatment?


Less then 20 sets
[ Up to 3 Months ]


20 to 30 sets
[ Up to 6 Months ]


More then 31 sets
[ Up to 12 Months ]